The Twelve Days of Snowball

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Snowball takes her job as the “official kitty” at the Victorian B&B Inn, Weber Haus, very seriously. Greeting guests and keeping tabs on them is a full-time feline job, after all. However, being nice to Daniel Aarons is not on her to-do list. The handsome construction manager almost messed up her forever family, and she isn’t about to forgive him anytime soon . . .
But then someone new arrives at Weber Haus. Her name is Sophie Heidt—and she’s the B&B’s new manager. When Snowball goes missing on Sophie’s first day, Daniel, in charge of the new hotel wing, comes to her rescue by getting the cat to do what she does best: attack him.
It doesn’t take long for Snowball’s animal instincts to reveal that Daniel and Sophie are meant to be together. Unfortunately, Daniel keeps making a mess of things. It’s going to take some special insight and holiday cheer to bring them together. But if anyone can do it, Snowball can—even if she has to tolerate turtle doves, French hens, calling birds, and other fur-raising human traditions . . .

Fun, sweet and easy to read!
A holiday-themed story with an adorable match-making cat in a Victorian bed and breakfast, enemies to lovers, lots of funny and laugh out loud moments, this cute christmas story put me in the mood for more holiday books and I ended up with a smile on my face.

Thank you, Partner BiblioLifestyle Kensington Publishing Corp. for this gifted copy.

The Twelve Days of Snowball by Kristen McKanagh Author released September 28, 2021.

Read if you like: Christmas stories, Romance, Chick-lits, enemies to lovers, adorable cats.

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